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Reiki Jin Kei Do

Reiki Jin Kei Do - information about the path of Reiki Jin Kei Do and Reiki Master Patricia Warren.

Reiki Self-Treatment CD - Reiki Master Patricia Warren guides you effortlessly through meditation, Reiki self-treatment and chair session.

Reiki Jin Kei Do - book by Steve Gooch.

Reiki Jin Kei Do - USA - The national association of Reiki Jin Kei Do; provides support to RJKD practitioners, teachers, and students.

Reiki Jin Kei Do UK - information about Reiki Jin Kei Do lineage and the Reiki Jink Dei Do association for the UK.

Reiki & BodyTalk in Brookline, MA - Angela Scala, one of my students, is a Reiki Jin Kei Do Level II practitioner and also practices BodyTalk.

Healing Hands Reiki - Ryan Leary, one of my students, is a Reiki Jin Kei Do Level II practitioner. Ryan works on people and pets and also does home visits.

Christabeth Ingold - Christabeth is a Reiki Jin Kei Do Level II practitioner and a holistic health counselor.

Marley Jamason - Marley Jamason, one of my Reiki students, is an intuitive business coach and spiritual healer.

Other Reiki Links

International Association of Reiki Professionals - website of the IARP, an international Reiki community.

Medical Research on Reiki Therapy

Other Holistic Friends

Kameleon Healing Aromatherapy - Aromatherapy classes and products by my colleague and friend, Cher Kore.

Healing Hands Metaphysical Store - Reiki, massage, coaching and readings offered by my friend Kristi and three other healers. Located in Idaho Falls, ID and also offering some distance services.

Light and Love Reiki Therapies - Distance Reiki, readings, and awesome crystal jewelry created by my friend Star.

True North Business Consulting, LLC will empower you to take control of your legal decisions by providing unique legal coaching that focuses not just on the law but insurance, marketing and managing your projects. In the field of health & wellness you are providing consumers with support with complementary alternative medicine. Let True North support you in with your legal needs.

Wellbeing Therapeutics of Watertown - website of Nancy Houlihan, LCMT, Massage Therapist.

Reiki and Light Blog - Ten Nebula's Reiki blog. Ten Nebula's Healing Space which offers phone sessions, workshops, and trainings. She's based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Meditation Resources

Meditation Oasis - podcast features guided meditations, instructions for meditation, and music for meditation.

Meditation Society of Australia podcast directory - You can download classes or listen to them streaming.

Zen Mountain Monastery - Includes information about Zazen meditation.

Places to Visit

Open Doors - a metaphysical gift and bookstore located in Braintree, Massachusetts.

Winslow Farm - a truly magical place, home for abused and neglected animals in Norton, MA. Winslow Farm also has a petting zoo.

The Women's Center - is an anti-racist community center for women - fighting for women's rights and against all forms of oppression. Located in Cambridge, MA.

Holistic Directories and Spiritual Links

Body Mind Spirit Directory - online directory of world-wide holistic practitioners.

Hay House Radio - Inspirational radio featuring programs about spirituality, health, and personal development.

Sacred Space - Prayer site run by the Irish Jesuits; online meditations, prayer requests, and more.

University Of Metaphysical Sciences - Bachelors, Masters, D.D., Ph.D degrees in Metaphysics, distance learning online or postal mail, low tuition/monthly payments, higher education for spiritual unfoldment, teacher training; non-profit 501(c)3.


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