Christine with Maxine the bulldog

Reiki for Pets

Animals have energy systems much like our own and respond well to Reiki.

Reiki can help pets have more energy, be more relaxed, and can be a great complement to regular veterinary care.

A 30-minute treatment is $40. Longer treatment fees are available and are based on $60/hour + $10.

Pet Reiki at your home is available depending on your location. Additional fee for travel time may apply depending on location. You will need to be present while I work with your pet.

Distance Reiki healing is just as effective as in-person Reiki. It is often less stressful for pets than traveling to the Reiki appointment. This can be also be an option for pets that are nearing their transition from this life.

For more information on distance Reiki healing, please click here.

For more information about Reiki for pets or to schedule an appointment for your pet, please contact me at or 617-782-1681.

I also offer classes on Energy Healing for Pets (details below). Additionally, private Energy Healing for Pets classes are available by appointment.

Energy Healing for Pets Class

Energy healing is a natural way to help your pets feel more relaxed and energized. This in turn can help with physical and emotional problems.

  • Learn more about energy healing--including Reiki--and how it can help your pets and you.
  • Learn about chakras, major energy centers that connect our bodies and our pets' bodies to universal life force energy.
  • Experience a brief chakra meditation.
  • Learn how to give an energy healing treatment to your pet.
  • You will come out of this class knowing more about energy systems in both human and animal bodies and will be ready to give your pet energy healing!

This class is offered on the following dates:

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